6IXTY contains minute-long short stories, written to satisfy an internal itch. Fleeting thoughts shared for easy, simple consumption.

Move Forward

Worrying is very human, in that, it's perfectly natural. We do it every day whether we want to or not. Whether we realize it or not. Worry. Uncertainty. Hesitation. Reluctance. Doubt. Fear.

But worrying is also often fruitless and empty. Whether you should or you shouldn't, whether you will or you won't, whether you're in or you're out... Everything moves forward. You can be absolutely sure of that. Without fail, every day, every moment: the world moves forward. Sunrise. Sunset. Like clockwork, we propel forward without mercy. So will you? Will you move forward?

Of course, you have to look before you leap. Worrying isn't a worthless emotion by any means. You should think before making big decisions. So although you may not leap here and now, you will have to leap eventually. Life demands it.

It's like ripping off a band-aid. Go for it. Do it. All in one swift motion. 

But what if you're not ready? What if you haven't thought about all your options? What if there's more to consider? 

Fuck all that.

So I must remember and I have to remind myself as often as possible:

Move forward. Move forward. Move forward. 

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