6IXTY contains minute-long short stories, written to satisfy an internal itch. Fleeting thoughts shared for easy, simple consumption.


What really makes hope such a special thing is the distance between it and the stark, unblinking realities of life. Just think of hope and what's on the opposite side of it? Eternal nothingness and this nihilistic emptiness and meaninglessness. Black holes feeding on black holes. Getting ripped apart at the subatomic level doesn't seem like such a pretty thought, does it? Luckily most of us have jobs and hobbies to keep us from thinking about such heavy subjects for too long.

But let's face it, we're staring deep into the darkness and we see it more clearly everyday. Eventually, the Sun will burn out. The Earth will burn up. Everyone we know will be dead. Life is tragic and the forward march of time will take away everyone and everything from us and there is not a single thing we can do about it.

Well, the only things we can do is live and hope and maybe both are one in the same. Maybe all we really can do to take control is to hope for life to be a tiny bit better. After all, it's worth to try, right? Although things are bleak, there's no harm in a little optimism? Right? We're still here, aren't we? It can't be that bad if we're still here. And we still press on.

We know that one day there will be no next chapter to our lives. No next paragraph. No next sentence. Just one final period at the end of a line and that's it. But we can hope to turn that final period into an exclamation! It's worth a shot, right?

Aren't we all hopeless romantics? We cling to each other and even if by sheer force of will, or by positive thinking, maybe through prayer... We simply believe. We strive. We hope. We've convinced ourselves. We created this idea of hope at some point and we certainly aren't giving up on it.

That's what the universe would want us to do though. To pack it up. Give in. Roll over. Succumb.

No way, Universe. No fucking way!!!

Close To A Decade

Crescent Moon